The Return of the Black Light

Day 13
The Giant

We last left off with the party regrouping after their first side quest. Knowing they spent too much time wasting, thy head through the woods around Himon Forest, to avoid the wood elves. Minutes became hours quickly as it seemed the party was never going to get out. After some time traveling, Azeroth needed to signal Ragnorok to check up on them. After shooting a Flashing Light like a flare, the gargoyle spotted it, telling them they were half way done. After some traveling, they didn’t even noticed that they had made a complete u-turn, returning them back to where they started. Frustrated, Azeroth let loose some Fireballs, and marched back within the woods. After traveling again, they stumbled upon an abandoned campsite. After doing some searching, the party grew tired and fell asleep…only to fall into a deadly trap.
This magical trap let loose a wraith upon the party. After battling exhausted and weak, they overcame and defeated the monster. With the creature gone, they found the exit and reunited with the angered gargoyle. Deciding that Sidon was of no use to them, they skipped the town to make up for the lost time. After traveling for days, they stumbled upon a fork in the road. Still believing that they wasted too much time, they avoided the ruins of the demon capital and continued on the main path. Eventually they stumbled upon the cave leading them to the northern continent. Rather than go through it at night, they decide to rest up. Some time during the night, Ragnorok spotted a wandering giant. Deciding to prove his strength, he attacked the beast full on. With the party woken up, they assist their rocky ally and attack the stone giant. After several club strikes, it seemed that Grizzly was going to die. Right before he passed out, Hugo Boom appeared from out of nowhere and saved him with his divine healing. With rejuvenated energy, they continued the attack till the monster fell.
With the giant dead, Shran decided that this giant must of lived nearby and must be holding onto some valuable treasures. With the help of the gargoyle, they flew to the giant’s home and stole some weapons and some old books. With the loot in hand, they descend into the cave. After some encounters with poisonous traps and a gelatinous cube, they make it out…alive.

[NOTE: The party went to level 5 after killing the greater wraith]

This concludes today’s journey. So far, so good….SO WHAT! (I love making references…) Anyway, the party did great, and are almost to Loosekeep, they just need to past a grand network of caves to get by…Sounds easy? We will have to see…next time.

Day 12.5
Sidequest : Dagon

We take a break from normal adventuring, and venture off into our first side quest. This side quest features Alabaster and Grizzly.

The duo decided to head back to Gibea to find some jobs for hire. Entering the Jolly Orange, they venture off into the corner to seek out help. They meet up with a gnome by the name of Jerome Cottonjumper, who employ the team to head out to a thief village out east and slay an unnamed rogue.
After traveling through the mountains, they approach the village. Deciding best to enter the village through a rear-entrance, the journey forward. After escaping from several pitfall traps, they enter a large building, housed with two well-dressed thieves. Learning that one of them was their target, they advanced forward. Both thieves however thought that they were setting each other up, so they called upon their hiding rogues to defend them. After a long battle, the duo had slain all of them, claiming both of their bounties and possessions. Seeing the job done, Jerome left the village, telling them to meet him up for their reward.
Seeing the town as more to steal from, they begin to break into people’s homes. After countless nights escaping traps, they come across a rogue. This rogue however was seeking jewels like the party and allowed them to break into the homes for a small price. After several entries, the duo was satisfied and left back for Gibea.
When venturing back into the Jolly Orange, they talk to the owner Yardoc Fridi for more jobs. Yardic task them to enter the desert in search of a shipment past its dues. After days of searching and surviving a brutal sand storm, they came home empty handed….except for a strange looking scale. Presenting this scale to Yardic, he forgets all about the job as he gavels at the scale. The party agreed to sell it to him, leaving the tavern much richer than expected.
With their new found wealth, they decided to upgrade some of their weapons. After some maintenance, Grizzly got an improved great axe, one that can be shrouded in flames, and even return to the user when thrown.

This concludes today’s journey. One side quest, plenty more to come. They even discovered a side quest within a side quest, but is it wise to chase after the scales of Dagon? We will have to see…next time.

Day 12
The Quest

[Note: Combining 2 days of adventuring into one]
We last left off with our party resting after a bar fight. With morning’s sun, the party regrouped and were confronted by guards. The guards were called to summon the party back to Etruria for a meeting with King Belril Silverkin. The party decided to check the docks outside of Topete. There, they met up with some sailors. After a business proposition was made, they bordered for the southern continent. After days of travel, they arrived (running from the sailors, so that they didn’t have to pay them the 2nd cost of the trip). In Etruria, they went shopping for a bit. After some minor purchases, they headed towards the castle. There, they talked with Belril. Belril asked the heroes if they could visit the city of Loosekeep in the northern continent. He explained that it has been years since anyone has heard from them, and he worries war has broke loose there. The party agreed, resting for their new task at hand.
In the morning, they went outside to retrieve their steeds and set off. There, they learn more of the landscape of the north, and how it is a dangerous journey. Regardless, they venture out deciding to ride on their horses rather than the boats (considering their debts). On the road, they confront a lonely man. This wanderer, though weak by appearance, trips [BLANK] and Shran. He told them he wouldn’t let them pass till they talked. After hours of talking, he never budged. Shran learned that this guy liked riddles. The man agreed to let them pass if he heard a great riddle. Shran decided that he needed to move first. The wanderer knew of rogue tactics, and told the party to write the riddle down, complete with signature and picture. Shran agreed (though making a fake signature). When the party past him, the barbarian (now learning his name is Griswold) demanded answers from the man. The traveler laughed and beckoned in a demon voice, disappearing in a flash. The party journeyed further, battling a group of werewolves. After most of the party getting infected, Azeroth found some belladonna, curing the party. With the curse gone, they left for the middle continent. Arriving in Gibea.

This concludes today’s journey. The party knows little of Loosekeep…and what of this traveler…have we met him before?? We’ll just have to see…next time.

Day 11
The Fall of Friends

We left off with our party venturing into Sidon. Seeing the tiny village as worthless, the party decided to venture north to its sister village, Topete. There, they noticed a large mount of people entering the tavern. Alabaster was too tired from the walk there, so he ventured west and set a camp. Shran on the other hand decided to check out the jewelry parlor nearby. Inside, Minkle, Ragnorok, and [BLANK] decided to look around. Minkle was searching for Marlys Whinne, while Ragnorok was going to stand guard at the door. With his usual behavior, Minkle attracted a crowd of elves, demanding he watch his tongue. After a couple of vulgar exchanges, a bar fight ensued. At the bar itself, an older gentleman rose, prepared to slay…evil.
The fight persisted, with a couple of the party getting injured severely. The older fellow set his focus first on Ragnorok. Seeing as the foe was much too powerful for him, Ragnorok retreated…only to be trapped by a powerful enchantment. Seeing the gargoyle helpless, the old man turned to the Barbarian. Frightened, the Barbarain ran, jumping through the window. Meanwhile, Minkle and Maryls were able to find a back-door, allowing them to retreat. The old man summoned his mount, ready to pursuit. The Barbarian ran, ran as fast as he could to the west. For Minkle, it seemed all well…till the same gentleman in all white appeared..frowning. When he left…there was a mace beside Minkle’s face…knocking him down. Hovering over his body was none-other than Uther.
Shran was unsuccessful in stealing (seeing as the shop was empty when he broke in). The Barbarian climbed a tree to retreat the powerful foe. All to hide from the terror that was the paladin. Shran decided to enter the tavern, to see what was going on. There, he saw a note…left by Minkle. Leaving his final words (and his blade Garian’s Edge), Shran headed towards north. There, he met up with Azeroth, a traveler and friend of Marlys. They agreed it was too late to discuss, and headed towards his home in the woods.

[After this journey, the party has been promoted to Level 4]

And that concludes today’s journey. So it seems that the original party has been slain, replaced by a breed of new heroes…sorta. What can the party expect now? Uther has since grown more powerful, Marlys appeared as a dark agent, and this mysterious Azeroth? We will just have to see…next time.

Day 10
The Saviors

We left off with the partying defeating the Ogre Mage of the Cave of Dalloon. Minkle asked Ragnorok to assist him in descending down into the spike pit, so that he may search the corpse of the beast. After gathering a coin pouch and the remains of his chain shirt. Minkle and Shran decide to enter the cave once more, while [BLANK] and Alabaster decided to return to town to get wasted after a hard battle won. After searching the cave for awhile, the sub-party gets separated by a rock slide. On one side, Minkle and the lonely cage. The other, Ragnorok and Shran.
Ragnorok and Shran decided to tunnel through to save Minkle. Minkle on the other hand, decided to scour the cage. Eventually, he deduced that the cage is older than the mountain itself. Eventually, he gets into the cage, and…
Water pours out, fills the cave quickly. Shran and Ragnorok escape…they try to run, but can’t escape. The water rises, ever higher. No where to run, no where to hide…Soon enough…they learn it was all an illusion. Created by an orb within the cave…within the cage…within Minkle.
When they realized they were being deceived, they ran back into the cave. After ripping away the rocks, they confronted Minkle, hovering in the cage, spilling water from his body. Ragnorok decided to rush the cage, and rip the orb out. Luckily for him, he was able to destroy the orb, without killing Minkle. With the orb gone, a human laid on the ground…it was the real King Belril Silverkin.
With the king saved, the group decided to return to Gibea. There, we learn that the drunk duo had amassed a debt, one that would cost them precious time. When the group met up at the Jolly Orange, Minkle decided to pay the tab (an entire platinum!). After discussing, they head towards King Traek Glimmergaunt’s palace. By full filling the agreement, Ragnorok was no longer constricted by his chains. They learn that Belril has arranged steads to return them to Etruria for a meeting. The party decides to say goodbye to everyone before leaving. They decide to enter Cryptic Cures first. There, they see a note left behind. It was written by Marlys Whinne, explaining that she was heading to Topete. The party decided that they would rather venture north, than return to the south. After talking with Belril, they head off.
Luckily for the group, the combined knowledge of [BLANK] and Alabaster has granted them a shortcut through Himon Forest. There, they confront a brigade of wood elves. The party decided to book it, and run for their lives. They make it out safely, crossing the bridge and enter Sidon.

This concludes today’s journey. The group has decided to begin one of the many side-quest within the campaign. Maybe it will strengthen them for the real terrors that lie ahead. We will have to see…next time.

Day 9
The Ogre

We left off with our party witnessing the wererat lord being destroyed by a large beast. The beast knew the place better than anyone else, so he cast a Darkness spell. After waiting for a bit, the party decided to run through the magical darkness. On the other side, they saw the beast beaten up with a cage, and a human beaten up on the outside. This human was none-other than King Belril Silverkin! With their king saved, the party left the cave…well…[BLANK] and Ragnorok did at least. Minkle and Shran decided to stay back and investigate the cave. After searching for a bit, they realized that the beast within the cave wasn’t really a person at all! It was a decoy…which meant…
The Barbarian decided to go out and hunt for food, leaving Ragnorok alone with the body. After a quick move, the beast Charmed Ragnorok to bring his friends to him. After struggling for a bit, the party was brought to him. The Barbarian decided to fight the beast, while Shran tried to run away. Ragnorok was still under the effects of the beast, so he left to play in the woods. Minkle on the other hand, was tied up. After a grueling battle, the Barbarian had failed and was knocked out. Seeing as a new ally, the group retreated. After Ragnorok broke free of his enchantment, he gathered the Barbarian, and flew him to Gibea. The party met up once more, after their embarrassing lost.
They knew that they need to know their enemy before confronting it again. They searched around town for answers, yet most were too scared to answer. Eventually, it was Salvath who told them how to beat the Ogre Mage. With their latest questions’ answered, they rested. In the morning they journeyed back to the Cave of Dalloon, to confront the Mage. After a long search, they found him through his invisibility spell. The battle wasn’t as long, as they used their latest information to beat him. Though the Mage may have fallen into a pit of spikes, Minkle was able to steal a sack of jewels from him.

This ends today’s journey. Congrats party. You have slain the monster…yet didn’t find Belril. Where is he after all??? We will have to see…next time.

Day 8
The Lizard Lord

We left off with our party descending into the Canyon of Nagus, in hopes of reaching the city of Gibea so that they may find King Belril Silverkin. The party decided to venture forward in the dungeon. With excellent perception, they dodged all of the traps guarding the lair of Nagus. When they entered the chamber, they were surprised to see that the room was extremely hot. After investigating for a bit, Nagus the IV dropped from the ceiling, beckoning his war cry. With it sounded, lizardfolk began to enter the room to assist their master. The party stood their ground and confronted the challenge that awaited them. After an intense battle, it seemed Nagus was to fall to the party. With its last breath, Nagus slumped down and chewed through Serjical. Minkle took the opportunity to finish the monster, slicing through his throat with his mighty fangs. Upon his defeat, Nagus had fallen on top of a couple of his dead minions and Serjical, incinerating their bodies. Minkle recalled that Nagus always seems to return with more offspring, so he decided to slice his body to pieces and take his fangs as a prize. With his friend gone, Minkle climbed the escape hole above, leaving the Canyon of Nagus. On top of the mountain, he saw the other side of the continent. The jump wasn’t difficult, as he made it with plenty of room left to spare.
He traveled the roads for awhile till he came across a city. It was the city he was after, Gibea. In it, he headed towards Square Market. In it, he met Goestegotti Branenna and Lorac Georgorl. After gathering supplies and exchanging a fang of Nagus for a custom-built dagger, he headed towards Cryptic Cures, where he met Marlys Whinne. After purchasing some Magic Missile scrolls and Cure Light Wounds Potions, he headed towards Wonderful Wonders. There, he met Salvath and his apprentice Ywaine Nale. After realizing his prices were too steep for his wallet, he headed towards the Jolly Orange. In it, he witness a grand party. He sat at the bar, meeting Brueyon Hlatreid and Yardoc Fridi. Though he saw Drod Ajmani, they both little talked. He decided to watch the show, as Falco Einora was playing yet another enchanting piece on his bongos. After the performance, Minkle decided to get on stage. After some simple tricks, he sat back at the bar, to talk to a well-dress gentleman. This man was nonetheless King Traek Glimmergaunt.
After a nights rest, Minkle enter the grand hall of the palace, to speak with the king. After their discussion, Traek showed him towards the dungeon…In it, was Ragnorok, a mighty gargoyle. The king released him so that he may help Minkle on his quest. After gaining a new teammate, Minkle set off for the monastery. There, he talked to the head monk for advice. He told him to search out the northwest, there he may find his lost king. With his new information, Minkle set off to find one more party member. After staking out for awhile, he confronted Shran, a rogue. After discussing business, they set off for the northwest.
Regardless that they had walked for miles, they pushed on. Eventually, they confronted a group of wererats. They were too easy for the group, as the rats ran in fear. Seeing this as an ample opportunity, they caught one, interrogating it. Eventually they learned that these wererates were apart of the Rat Guild. Soon enough, they reached the Cave of Dalloon. In it, they battle a large group of wererats, including a wererat lord! During the battle, [BLANK] rolled in, ready for action. The party didn’t mind his intrusion so long as he assisted them. After the battle, it seemed some questions would finally get answered…yet a large beast destroyed the wererat lord. He laughed, and yelled “Now meet their maker!”

[NOTE: The party leveled after the encounter with Nagus IV, bringing them to level 3]

This ends today’s journey. With a single swipe, the party dis-formed, then reformed. Will the party be able to take on a beast that could easily slay a wererat lord? We will have to see…next time.

Day 7
The Statis

We left off with our party completing the Training Ground, hiding from the world outside. The party decided to investigate the screams. When the party met up, the townsfolk shrieked in fear, and ran away from the party. When the party learned of what day it was, they were baffled to hear that an entire year had past! 1267 R.B., the town of Etruria has changed since their absence. Craftman’s Hammer, Electrum Smithy, Gleaming Surprise, and Schlenke’s Fantasy have been scraped for parts, to build the newest tavern, Taste of Etruria. Without King Belril Silverkin‘s guidance, the town has fallen to a group of high rolling investors and petty nobleman. All seems lost…
The party decides to investigate the new tavern. Within it, they interrupt the company of three nobleman. The nobleman laugh at their appearance and scoff at the idea of their king ever returning. The party decides to leave town and seek out Nython Lira, who had built a temporary home and business outside of the city. The year has been brutal for Nython, has the constant demand for metalwork has left him blind. With an ample opportunity, Serjical and Minkle decide to kill him, burn his home, and steal his chest. The chest itself was the home of Garian’s Edge, a magical long sword that can extend in length. With their new item in hand, the party decides to return to town (and to continue with their new evil alignment) to burn the new tavern. With their goal accomplished, they set off to hide within the castle. Spending a couple days in the castle, the party decides to look in the room that scared them at the beginning of the journey. Within the room, lied only walls upon walls of eyeballs…staring at you. Illuminated by a purplish flame, the party set their eyes upon a lonely mirror. In the mirror, they saw themselves…but in the future. Their future-selves (as you may call them) warned them that meeting them now was much too earlier, and that they must seek their only friend in this desolate world. The party realized that only Wind would help them now.
When the party met up with Wind, they explained their shortcomings to him. Giving the information from before, they set off to Gibea. Wind offered to show them the path (considering that the Bridge of Nagus. Upon arriving at the entrance of the Canyon of Nagus, Wind bids them farewell…leaving the party alone.
The party entered, knowing full well that this was once the home of lizardfolks and the great beast Nagus. They didn’t get far, as right away they fell into a pitfall. The pitfall dropped them to the final floor of the dungeon, were they were confronted by a group of skeletons. Upon defeating the skeletons, they decide to head back upstairs. With a room nearby, they enter it…noticing that it was an armory, they decide to ready themselves for the lizardfolk to come.

That ends today’s journey. A whole year! The world was already unknown to them, and now it has changed once more. Will they ever save the King? We will have to see…next time.

Day 6
The Training Grounds

We left off with our party spending the night in Wind’s den. When the party awoke, Serjical started wandering around. He eventually came across Wind’s section of the den. After a conversation of his past, Wind released Minkle from his cell. With the party rested and ready to journey once more, they departed. Meanwhile, Hugo Boom left his home to check out the noise from outside. The noise was a searching party, looking for the party. Hugo agreed to help, and so, the knights and Hugo departed to look for the group. When the two parties met, the knights discussed how they were needed to return to the castle, by the king’s request.
The party returned to Etruria, same as always. With pockets filled with gold, the party headed towards Electrum Smithy. Nython Lira greeted the party and asked how he may be of service. Serjical requested punching gauntlets, Minkle asked for manacles, and Hugo requested for a new mace. While their items were being crafted, Minkle headed over to Craftman’s Hammer. Minkle asked Erbin Kevicki if he could supply him with lumber. Interested in his idea, Erbin negotiated with Minkle about his plan to make a better bar. With the plans made, Minkle set off to return to the blacksmith. After their items were crafted, the party headed towards the castle. Upon arriving to the castle, King Belril Silverkin requested the party to meet them in a secret room. Belril asked the party to journey below the Smokey Pig, and enter the once-demon filled Training Ground, and retrieve the Argob’s Pot.
The party journey in, unaware of the dangers that await them. Uther, taking point, enter the first room. The room itself was filled an assortment of plants, growing even to the ceiling. After investigating, a shrieker and violet fungus attack the party. After defeating the fungus, they search around them to find a pouch filled with silver. Seeing the room worthless, they left. They decided to head north in the dungeon, coming across another room. Luckily for the group, they evaded the traps within the room, and continued as such. Venturing long, they eventually come across the room of their desire. In the room, several pillars stand tall, with the ceilings filled with statues. Spotting the vase, the party set forward to grab it…but the party was ambushed. A wild gargoyle flew down and attacked the group. After several attempts to predict his movements, they finally cornered the beast and slain it. Noticing the gems resting within its eyes, Hugo broke open his face and took the jewels. Claiming their prize, the party set off to return to the top.
Returning to the surface, the party set forward to the castle, but noticed that the town was silent…dead silent. Within the castle, laid corpses of soldiers everywhere. The party decided to search for the king. Believing he would be waiting in the secret room, they head for it. Heading further down the escape room, the party confronts the King. After noticing that Belril was acting differently, they find out that he is actually an assassin from the Rat Thief Guild. Seeing as they found him out, he makes a break for it. After holding him down and tying him down, a couple assassins come to assist their damaged companion. After finishing them off, the party decides to hide the corpses behind the castle. Morning comes, and with it, comes screams from the townsfolk.

That ends today’s journey. What happen? The party couldn’t have been gone for long, maybe a day or two. With all of the troubles in town now, where is the King? We will just have to see…next time.

Day 5
The Weres

We left our journey with the party residing atop the Bridge of Nagus. Realizing he helped enough, Hugo Boom bid the party good luck as he returned to his home in the woods. With night approaching, the party decided to set up camp near a forest grove. As the party slept, a wild werewolf stumbled upon them, grabbing Uther. The two fought back n’ forth until finally Minkle and Serjical woke to assist him. With the werewolf slain, the party skinned and collected his fangs for future use. Minkle decided to take his blood, keeping it in one of his personal vials. Deciding to go check out some of the markings on the map, the party headed southwest. Before venturing further, the party rested alongside a nearby cave. With another night, another werewolf came to the camp. Minkle standing guard, decided to play with the wolf for a bit. When the wolf finally found the camp, he lunged towards Serjical…taking a gruesome bite from his shoulder. Knowing he had transmitted the curse, the werewolf lunged for Minkle. Out of desperation, Minkle quickly drank the vial of werewolf blood, becoming extremely sick within seconds. Eventually, the party defeated the werewolf. With the morning sun, the party set off the the landmark. At the mark were only three trees, rather enormous trees at best. Within a couple minutes, a group of thieves approached them…requesting the secret trade. Bluffing for survival, the party succeeded and convinced the thieves to leave behind a satchel filled with gold. Knowing they will find out their rouse, the party sets off for the skull marked on their map. At the skull-mark, laid the largest forest the party had seen on the southern continent (considering the southern continent is majority mountains). When night came, the party tried to rest…but a great creature awoke them…a Werebear. The werebear meant no harm, as he glad-fully introduced himself simply as Wind. Telling the party of his troubles, he invited the party to rest for the night…especially Minkle, for he knew that he will begin transforming into a werewolf. Knowing his time is near, Serjical requested an antidote for his curse. Wind, knowing the party has good intentions, gave Serjical the antidote. Minkle however, refused and decided to begin living his life as a werewolf. With night near, the party entered Wind’s home and began resting for tomorrow’s journey.

That ends today’s journey. Much more of the kingdoms past is surfacing, but what of Minkle’s decisions? Wind warned the party “Know this sorcerer, becoming a werewolf not only changes your appearance, but you as well. Do you think you will be able to control yourself?” We will just have to see…next time.


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