The Return of the Black Light

Day 12

The Quest

[Note: Combining 2 days of adventuring into one]
We last left off with our party resting after a bar fight. With morning’s sun, the party regrouped and were confronted by guards. The guards were called to summon the party back to Etruria for a meeting with King Belril Silverkin. The party decided to check the docks outside of Topete. There, they met up with some sailors. After a business proposition was made, they bordered for the southern continent. After days of travel, they arrived (running from the sailors, so that they didn’t have to pay them the 2nd cost of the trip). In Etruria, they went shopping for a bit. After some minor purchases, they headed towards the castle. There, they talked with Belril. Belril asked the heroes if they could visit the city of Loosekeep in the northern continent. He explained that it has been years since anyone has heard from them, and he worries war has broke loose there. The party agreed, resting for their new task at hand.
In the morning, they went outside to retrieve their steeds and set off. There, they learn more of the landscape of the north, and how it is a dangerous journey. Regardless, they venture out deciding to ride on their horses rather than the boats (considering their debts). On the road, they confront a lonely man. This wanderer, though weak by appearance, trips [BLANK] and Shran. He told them he wouldn’t let them pass till they talked. After hours of talking, he never budged. Shran learned that this guy liked riddles. The man agreed to let them pass if he heard a great riddle. Shran decided that he needed to move first. The wanderer knew of rogue tactics, and told the party to write the riddle down, complete with signature and picture. Shran agreed (though making a fake signature). When the party past him, the barbarian (now learning his name is Griswold) demanded answers from the man. The traveler laughed and beckoned in a demon voice, disappearing in a flash. The party journeyed further, battling a group of werewolves. After most of the party getting infected, Azeroth found some belladonna, curing the party. With the curse gone, they left for the middle continent. Arriving in Gibea.

This concludes today’s journey. The party knows little of Loosekeep…and what of this traveler…have we met him before?? We’ll just have to see…next time.



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