The Return of the Black Light

Day 12.5

Sidequest : Dagon

We take a break from normal adventuring, and venture off into our first side quest. This side quest features Alabaster and Grizzly.

The duo decided to head back to Gibea to find some jobs for hire. Entering the Jolly Orange, they venture off into the corner to seek out help. They meet up with a gnome by the name of Jerome Cottonjumper, who employ the team to head out to a thief village out east and slay an unnamed rogue.
After traveling through the mountains, they approach the village. Deciding best to enter the village through a rear-entrance, the journey forward. After escaping from several pitfall traps, they enter a large building, housed with two well-dressed thieves. Learning that one of them was their target, they advanced forward. Both thieves however thought that they were setting each other up, so they called upon their hiding rogues to defend them. After a long battle, the duo had slain all of them, claiming both of their bounties and possessions. Seeing the job done, Jerome left the village, telling them to meet him up for their reward.
Seeing the town as more to steal from, they begin to break into people’s homes. After countless nights escaping traps, they come across a rogue. This rogue however was seeking jewels like the party and allowed them to break into the homes for a small price. After several entries, the duo was satisfied and left back for Gibea.
When venturing back into the Jolly Orange, they talk to the owner Yardoc Fridi for more jobs. Yardic task them to enter the desert in search of a shipment past its dues. After days of searching and surviving a brutal sand storm, they came home empty handed….except for a strange looking scale. Presenting this scale to Yardic, he forgets all about the job as he gavels at the scale. The party agreed to sell it to him, leaving the tavern much richer than expected.
With their new found wealth, they decided to upgrade some of their weapons. After some maintenance, Grizzly got an improved great axe, one that can be shrouded in flames, and even return to the user when thrown.

This concludes today’s journey. One side quest, plenty more to come. They even discovered a side quest within a side quest, but is it wise to chase after the scales of Dagon? We will have to see…next time.



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