The Return of the Black Light

Day 13

The Giant

We last left off with the party regrouping after their first side quest. Knowing they spent too much time wasting, thy head through the woods around Himon Forest, to avoid the wood elves. Minutes became hours quickly as it seemed the party was never going to get out. After some time traveling, Azeroth needed to signal Ragnorok to check up on them. After shooting a Flashing Light like a flare, the gargoyle spotted it, telling them they were half way done. After some traveling, they didn’t even noticed that they had made a complete u-turn, returning them back to where they started. Frustrated, Azeroth let loose some Fireballs, and marched back within the woods. After traveling again, they stumbled upon an abandoned campsite. After doing some searching, the party grew tired and fell asleep…only to fall into a deadly trap.
This magical trap let loose a wraith upon the party. After battling exhausted and weak, they overcame and defeated the monster. With the creature gone, they found the exit and reunited with the angered gargoyle. Deciding that Sidon was of no use to them, they skipped the town to make up for the lost time. After traveling for days, they stumbled upon a fork in the road. Still believing that they wasted too much time, they avoided the ruins of the demon capital and continued on the main path. Eventually they stumbled upon the cave leading them to the northern continent. Rather than go through it at night, they decide to rest up. Some time during the night, Ragnorok spotted a wandering giant. Deciding to prove his strength, he attacked the beast full on. With the party woken up, they assist their rocky ally and attack the stone giant. After several club strikes, it seemed that Grizzly was going to die. Right before he passed out, Hugo Boom appeared from out of nowhere and saved him with his divine healing. With rejuvenated energy, they continued the attack till the monster fell.
With the giant dead, Shran decided that this giant must of lived nearby and must be holding onto some valuable treasures. With the help of the gargoyle, they flew to the giant’s home and stole some weapons and some old books. With the loot in hand, they descend into the cave. After some encounters with poisonous traps and a gelatinous cube, they make it out…alive.

[NOTE: The party went to level 5 after killing the greater wraith]

This concludes today’s journey. So far, so good….SO WHAT! (I love making references…) Anyway, the party did great, and are almost to Loosekeep, they just need to past a grand network of caves to get by…Sounds easy? We will have to see…next time.



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