Gnome/Werewolf Sorcerer


Minkle has always lived his life to the fullest. Never to stay around for long, he traveled to places far and wide. Along his travels, he came across a sorcerer, one that was even more outrageous than he. They loved to travel together, as both enjoyed playing pranks on the unsuspecting. When the day came to show off his village to his friend, he was horrified to see that it was set ablaze. The remaining townsfolk spotted Minkle, assuming that he had done the crime. They fled…never turning back. When finally at a safe distance, his companion told him it was he who had done it. Enraged by his trusted friend, he lunged at him. The sorcerer wasn’t impressed and cast him aside. “Come back when you learn a trick or two, young Firebringer.” Within seconds, the sorcerer vanished. Enraged by his betrayal, Minkle took up the name of Firebringer, to constantly remind himself of his hatred towards the sorcerer.

As of Day 11, Minkle has been slain by Uther.


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