Changeling Rogue


Growing up as a changeling is never easy. For Shran, it was worse. Mother died upon birth, and father a deserter, Shran never knew the meaning of family. Unlike most orphans, Shran was never picked up by a family, he just laid in his dorm. When all seemed lost, a young couple took him in. Shran that day smiled for the first time. Years had gone by, and Shran had developed great mastery over his rapier. One day, a group of bandits ran through town, slaying all who stood in their way. Among the slain were his adoptive parents. When the bandits came across him, rather than kill him they allowed him to live, taking him as a hostage. No warlord paid for his, or the others retrieval. Shran at that point didn’t care, he knew he could learn a great deal from these men. When the day came for Shran to join one of their raids, a powerful knight confronted them, slaying the thugs. Before the knight could land his finishing blow against Shran, he turned around, laughing at the weakling. To this day, Shran knew he couldn’t trust anyone no more. He began thereafter a loner, scouting town after town, stealing what he believed to be rightfully his.

As of Day 11, Shran is the wielder of Garian’s Edge.


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