Human Paladin


Growing up in a remote village, Uther trained alongside his father day and night. They were never seen seperated, not since birth when Uther was kidnapped as a child. Whenever evil came close to their village, Uther and his father sprang to their feet and charged them, regardless of the dangers that lied before them. One day, a couple of childern came rushing the paladins, proclaiming that one of their friends was stuck in the cave behind the village. Without a moment to spare, the duo ran towards the cave to rescue the child… little did they know, a group of demons were waiting for them. The group arrived at the swampy cave, witnessing the transformation of the child into a repulsive imp. Before Uther could charge, his father tossed him out of the cave yelling “Run my son, it is my time, NOT yours.” After tossing him out, the cave’s entrance collapsed, trapping the old paladin within. Upon returning to the village, the townsfolk awaited the good news, yet none were coming. Uther swore to the town he would return the day he found out who were controlling the demons.

As of Day 7, Uther has left the party, due to shifts in alignment.
As of Day 11, Uther slayed his former teammate Minkle.


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